As with most businesses, pricing tends to determine whether or not people believe that it is a scam.

  • Homeowners and Renters Basic Membership: For homeowners and renters, you can choose the basic membership, which is free. However, this will not allow much access to the database. You can learn what we have to offer and decide if our platform suits your needs.
  • Homeowners and Renters Premium Membership: The premium membership costs $59 for one month, $84 ($28/month) for three months, and $168 ($14/month) for twelve months. The first month is a bit higher because we are hoping that you find the perfect match within a month. 
  • Background Checks: You also pay to run background checks on potential candidates. There are several types of background checks from which you can choose. Depending on how in-depth you would like the background check to be, you can end up paying as much as $300. leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to its free membership. For example, you can create a basic membership at no cost, which includes job posting, searching, and receiving applications from local homeowners. If you would like to respond to candidates or employers that reach out to you, you will need to pay for their premium membership.

All memberships run on a specified term basis, and you will continue to be charged until the end of your membership term, even if you cancel the services. Additionally, auto-renews your memberships without notifying you. This means that you are likely going to pay more than you would like for the services.


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