Our Mission

YoRoomies is more vast when it comes to WHAT WE DO. IT helps you get roommates you can share a room with and enables you to list your rooms for rent. 

Our mission is to serve single parents, working parents, elderly, and entrepreneurs so that they can focus on their work and win in the respected areas of their lives while saving money.

Our Vision

WE are the easiest solution for finding a roommate to split your rent or for making some more income by renting the rooms you own. YoRoomies encourage people to share one home or one room. If you’re a student or a single parent, this provides an income source for you to split up your cost and save the huge amount that could be invested for a better future.

Our Goals

YoRoomies is committed to easing the burden of roommate-finding for single parents, elderly persons, students, and job seekers by providing an online database of compatible roommate matches. With everything single parents have to deal with, finding housing should be simplified and streamlined – which is the vision behind YoRoomies.com.

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