Why Was YoRoomies Started?

Have you ever heard the term that it takes a village to raise children? Well, YoRoomsies fully believes in this motto and created this platform to make your village a reality. After Alexis (the owner and creator of YoRoomies) went through her own divorce she realized how hard it is to raise 3 children as a single mom now. This vision of the platform came when bills started piling up, driving all over town to cater to her kids, and working full time while juggling life. 

The typical “nuclear” family is what it is, a standard of “old school” tradition. However, with divorce rates higher than ever, more single families need help. Alexis realized that since she had extra rooms in her house, and she worked from home, sharing a house with another single friend will only benefit all parties. When her friend moved in bills and rules were established and then everything just flowed. Alexis finally had help around the house plus girls’ night to relax and have a friend by her side. 

Psychologically it worked for the children and the moms. Everyone wasn’t alone anymore and everyone survived together

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