YoRoomies — About Us

YoRoomies.com is an online marketplace that connects homeowners

with families in need of their services.

Founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, YoRoomies.com is a one-stop

shop for families who are looking to save money while creating new memories. YoRoomies.com is one of the largest resources of its kind. 

Homeowners can post their homes, availability, and rates online for

families to find the perfect match. Families can post any house rules

that apply directly to them.

We offer a solution for a problem you thought you couldn’t fix.

Whether you’re looking for an ideal roommate or just want someone to rent your room/house, YoRoomies is your new solution. YoRoomies is a service in which you could list your room/house. Its focus is on helping single parents with children to find a home. This solution will help solve a problem that alleviates the stress of your financial burden.

While our roommate finder “helps you find your perfect match” is geared toward single parents with children, anyone who is looking to find a roommate or list a room will find this service highly instrumental both nationally and globally. The highest priority of YoRoomies is your safety and security; we will never invade your privacy. Once you begin to use our services, you will see what privacy is all about. Our services will not spam you, and we will not store your credit card unless you opt into membership of some sort, and it will always be secured. You can edit your personal information and hide whatever you want to be hidden. 

Our purpose is to help single families at each stage of life.  

We utilize technology and innovation to solve an issue that is more common than not in today’s world.

  • We’re at the forefront of safety, advocacy, and thought leadership.
  • We’re devoted to single families of all types and backgrounds because we ARE families of all types and backgrounds. We are a team.

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