How Yoroomies was Initiated?

Yoroomies is very close to my heart. The idea was conceived by me, Alexis, a newly single mom. The day I filed for divorce was the day reality slapped me in the face about how the hell am I going to survive with bills piling up and 3 kids to take care of. As a newly single mom, I am looking to give my children the best life as I could see fit while still maintaining the standards of living before the divorce. With my Ph.D. in education focusing on research, I have always had the talent to bring new ideas forthcoming. 

I owned and operated many successful businesses in the past, however, with my divorce that broke up too. YoRoomies is my first endeavor as a single mom. 

Knowing my new future and watching all the other single families around me struggle, I knew I had to take the bull by the horns and create a platform to help with this issue. Living in South Florida I took into consideration the incredibly high property prices in the US and particularly in Florida. This is how came to life. 


Alexis Cohen, PhD

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